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As a parent currently raising two young boys of riding age, I found myself in utter disbelief when a routine training lesson (with my youngest son on his PW50 equipped with generic training wheels) almost turned catastrophic. Prior to this accident, I had installed those very same training wheels (which bolt up to the rear shocks) onto my oldest son's PW50. Yet, like so many parents, I did not realize that there could be any danger of a tipover. Well, when that product did show its serious limitations and a bloody tipover ensued, I felt a strong desire to come up with something that would be safer and correct.

I've spent my career in engineering management for several product-based manufacturers, and eventually became a co-owner of one. So when I began developing the product conceptual and prototype for these training wheels, the standard I've implemented from the beginning is to achieve and maintain the highest safety margin obtainable at the lowest manufacturing cost. The metals and related components selected for each product is strictly based on engineering specifications and ASTM code, and therefore will never be compromised and procured from bargain discounters or scrap yards. Our stringent safety and performance parameters mandates a comprehensive test methodology and verification. We therefore test each product under actual riding conditions over dirt terrain as well as over pavement. We test incessantly, for there isn't a week that goes by with us not wanting to gear up and put our test mules through their paces. (It's also a great way of getting us all out of the shop and ride!)

Our Mission Statement, Therefore, is Simply this:

EZ Ride products will be honest in their design, intent, and execution while delivering the performance, safety, and innovation that we expect and demand for our children. We will always back up our products, services, and ethic with honesty, integrity, and truth.

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