We use only high quality equipment to deliver you the best products. Take a look at the equipment we use here at EZ Ride in Austin, TX for manufacturing goods such as training wheels and trainer aids.

We utilize a commercial band saw to precision cut our axles and plates to length. Unlike a radial arm or cold saw, our machine produces straight cut surfaces with a minimal heat affected zone.

Our axles are coated with numerous layers of durable gloss black enamel. This process ensures that our product withstands rust and maintains the highest durability.

Our brackets are cut from a sheet of hardened plate steel utilizing a LASER precision CNC machine made by AMADA. The parts are nested and then programmed for numerical control utilizing CAD/CAM software by FabriWin.

Laser cutting provides extremely close tolerances without any of the burrs (rough edges) or shape restrictions associated with normal cutting machines.

A commercial geared drill press with oil fed lines maintains very close tolerances and correct cutting speeds for drilling precisely through our hardened steels.

For welding, we use HOBART® and LINCOLN® high output MIG welders. To maximize weldment integrity and aesthetics, we shield our welds with a gas mixture of 75% argon & 25% carbon dioxide (C25). Our in-house welder has fulfilled all class requirements for meeting certification by the American Welding Society.


External link opens in new tab or window Our in-house inventory consisting of an assortment of axles, plates, bar stock, and wheels allows us to create uniquely custom training wheels as well as manufacture standard products.


We individually package our products using the heaviest grade double wall cardboard available, conforming to ASTM D 5118 standard. Each recyclable carton is custom designed and dies cut perfectly for the dedicated size of the training wheel, eliminating the need for filling. Our box is certified to withstand 500 lbs. (per sq. in.) burst strength and gross weight of 100 lbs.


Our flexible manufacturing methods allow us to ship out one or two order to each of our valued customers.

We also ship several orders to one customer.

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