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To guarantee accuracy of our parts and preciseness of our design, we use SolidWorks Engineering Software for performing fine tuning of our intricate designs in combination with Algor Superdraw Engineering Analysis software (Finite Element Analysis).

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Wheels Construction

Our 255mm and 330 mm diameter pneumatic tire consists of a deep groove, multi-purpose terrain tread pattern that is mounted on a metal stamped rim rated at 300 lbs. and 420 lbs. respectively.


Each lightweight wheel is protected with a 5 mil polyester powder coat gloss white paint or 3 mil electroplating. Two precision long-life ball bearings housed within metal carriers are firmly pressed into each end of the wheel's hub center.

The hubs are then securely mated together by four to six zinc coated hex bolts and nuts per wheel.

These light weight wheels freely rotate on each end of a solid steel axle (tensile strength of 78,000 psi and yield strength of 56,000 psi).


For superior protection and durability, all of our metal parts are Powder coat painted.


We procure only virgin Cold Drawn C-1018 Carbon Steel for fabricating our axles and mounts, not reconstituted metal from scrap yards. And unlike our competitors using inferior grade metals that are Hot Rolled processed, where heating and cooling cycles typically distort their overall shape, our selection for cold drawn metals produce exceptional consistency and accuracy in maintaining the overall shape throughout their cross-sections per linear feet. Cold drawn metals being perfectly round in contours with no surface irregularities (whereas hot rolled axles are often egg-shaped and filled with grainy surface irregularites) lower friction and extends the life of wheel bearings. That cold drawn metals typically sell for four times the cost of hot rolled is why we incorporate these high quality metals into our products. Another reason is the fact that cold drawn steels withstand bending and shearing twice greater than hot roll metals.


We provide only the finest professional "specification" grade bolts, nuts, washers, and quick release fasteners for use in all of our kits. They are made in the USA and shipped out of Chicago, IL. and Milwaukee, WI. We do not procure imported fasteners, because our tests revealed premature failures and various manufacturing defects arising - no doubt - from their low costs.


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